We are laSALSA (latin crew of animators)

2010-03-01 19:54:37 by laSALSA

So here we are. We are laSALSA (Syndicate of Latin Animators S.A.) the only crew of latin animators in whole NewGrounds. As any other crew, we are here to submit animations together, big collabs or individual shorts. BUT as we are latins, our animations will be on spanish. Don't worry thou, cause we know english is the main language of NewGrounds and of pretty much the whole internet, so all our movies are subtitled on english too.

We've already submitted 4 movies to the site, getting 4 trophies for them (Daily 2th, Daily 3th and two Daily 4th). So now you know we submit quality work, not random spam as other crews.

And who are we? Well, the founders of this crew are:
> Jectoons (best known for "Weird Al's Lasagna"): Great mexican animator, specialized in fbf work. Likes taking his time for making a new movie, but when he finnaly realeases it, you can be sure it's going to be a sucess. You have probably already seen his work a couple of times on frontpage.
> L3pra (best known for "Midnight Madness"): Used to be a big fan from Madness, with many award winning movies under that category. Recently this peruvian designer has regret of his sins and it's now a really twisted but original man. A bit spammer, a bit spimmer.
> SkoolCool (best known for "9 Months later"): Another animator from Mexico, you may already know him for his works with/for Edd Gould and CakeBomb. Impressive fbf animator, humorist, always hiding a new surprise.
> Artistincompre (best known for "Verde"): Right from Ecuador, the youngest and only women of our crew. Very quick animator and really crazy person, her abilities has gotten her a some nice recognition more than once.
> Johao (best known for "Un lanza"): So this animator from Chile has like a ton of different accounts on NewGrounds, and I'm not actually sure which one is the current one. You can still check his work on his DeviantART account. This guy used to be a great stick animator, and now he's not just still a great stick animator, but also an amazing animator of everything else. Really talented, you should totally check him out!

We are currently working on many projects: Jectoons is already animating another episode of "Salsaventuras", we are organizing a collab and are also designing a website. We'll be realeasing all this stuff (apart from the website, duh) on NewGrounds soon, so keep an eye open for laSALSA!

laSALSA on DeviantART
laSALSA en Facebook (SPANISH ONLY)
Salsaventuras.la-salsa.org (SPANISH ONLY)
Salsaventuras en YouTube (SPANISH ONLY)
Salsaventuras en Twitter (SPANISH ONLY)


Made by Jectoons and stuff. Go Watch it!


Ya saben, vayan a verla, va?

NOTE: This post is absolutely in spanish... you've been warned!

Qué tal, gente de NewGrounds.
Hago esta entrada para avisar a aquellos hispanoparlantes que tenemos una página en Facebook!

En fin... Habrá nuevas animaciones en un tiempo, por ahora todos estamos ocupados con proyectos individuales. Pero ya hay unas cuantas cosas planeadas, así que no desesperen.


Ject (y el resto de laSALSA tambien)


2009-10-09 15:03:14 by laSALSA

creado por ArtistIncompre
lol por los q no hablan ingles XD
igual el flash no tiene dialogos es solo musical asi q no importa mucho XD
Queremos ganar un bonito adward :V

en otras noticias mister Maner esta organizando un collab sobre Antros C:
tiene muchos espacios para clips asi que porque no te unes? ;)

create by Artist Incompre!
Lol for the people who dont know spanishhhh XD
Dont worry! the flash is just a musical clip so you will get it ;)

in other news Mr. Maner is doing a flash collab about Antros :V

hE HAS A LOT OF SPACES for you so Join! ;)

(it will be in english so dont worry)


ArtistIncompre:http://artistincompre.d eviantart.com/
Jectoons:http://jectcartoon.deviantart .com/